Rock Poet

As the late 1950’s brought forth a burst of creativity, largely repressed but seemingly incubating over the previous decade. With the birth of this new era in thinkingcame a new breed of artists. A specific group of self-entitled intellectuals, and modern day philosophers, gathered in coffee houses In New York, San Francisco and Paris, reading poetry later referred to as “Beat Poetry”.

A by-product of this genre was Jim Morrison of “The Doors”, who considered himself first a Poet, and subsequently a Rock Star and sex symbol. “ROCK POET” tells his story. He was far more than the hell-raiser, infamous for his arrest in Miami for exposing himself on stage, another rock casualty- dead by the age of just 27. Morrison was a serious and dedicated poet, a man of words, prior to The Doors music and up until the day of his death.

“Classic Artists” meets with legendary Beat Poets Michael Horovitz, Michael McClure, Pete Brown of “Cream” fame, about the movement and what it meant to the burgeoning tide of Rock and Roll, more specifically, to Jim Morrison, and finds the admiration and respect for his talent as a poet and writer amongst his Beat Poet predecessors and also contemporaries to be unquestionable.

This film includes revelations from those that were present in the final days and final hours of Jim Morrison. A vigorously captivating insight of a time in rock history, a time in the life of the man, both rock star and poet.

Includes contributions from Oliver Stone, Danny Sugarman, Duke Special, David Crosby, Professor James Cushing, Henry Diltz….and others.