Jimmi Hendrix - The Guitar Hero

Jimi Hendrix The Guitar Hero

September 17th 2010: it will have been 40 years since the passing of rock’s most influential electric guitarist. Jimi Hendrix, in many ways wrote the book on the electric guitar, leaving behind an encyclopaedia of sounds, riffs and styles that guitarists have been mimicking ever since.

Rather than drudging up scandal and outworn hypothesis about his lifestyle and ultimate death, Classic Artists looks at Hendrix the master of electric guitar, as told by a selection of the world’s greatest musicians in all new and exclusive interviews to Classic Artists:

Dave Mason/TRAFFIC, Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor/The ROLLING STONES, Eric Burdon/The ANIMALS, Paul Rodgers/BAD COMPANY, Ginger Baker/CREAM, Bev Bevan/ELO, Stephen Stills of CROSBY, STILLS and NASH.

Some of these were his mentors, some were his contemporaries and all admired his incredible talent and many emerged as new talent as a result of his influence. They are all here to explain why Hendrix’s work remains at the zenith of rock music to this day.

Moving beyond the icon and the myth, CLASSIC ARTISTS brings alive the images and music that JIMI HENDRIX evoked from his very soul – narrated by Slash - this film is less a biography rather it is the first film to focus upon the music itself and the impetus of the master who created it.