B.B. King: On The Road


B.B. King spent 65 years on the road, with hardly a break for more than a few weeks’ time, totalling some 18,000 performances. To say that there were some more than memorable incidents over all these years would be a massive understatement.

Impossible to include all these anecdotes of the numerous dedicated musicians and companions who lived and played with the great BB King in Jon Brewer’s highly acclaimed Documentary ‘B.B. King : The Life of Riley’ featuring Morgan Freeman, this feature documentary organically arose after the passing of King in 2015, when a legion of his past band members, family and companions reached out in an effort to share these stories from the numerous Tours over decades, recounting the journey they shared with ‘B.B.’ through civil unrest, historical moments in music and in stage , from ‘Chitlin’ Circuit to Stadiums with The Rolling Stones and U2 - cut out by the great man and his massive talent. But no man is an island, and he would be the first to say his crew, band, friends, companions were his ‘on road family’ and pivotal to his life on the road.

Director Jon Brewer meets up with a selection of those who were on the road at varying times, and who have much to impart to us on the late great BB King, and of the many great adventures life on the road presented to them all.  A cinematic pictorial feast, featuring the story-telling style that has established Brewer at the pinnacle of Documentary filmmaking and the timeless beauty of America’s highways and roadsides.

On the Road’ invites fans of both music and film to avail themselves of stories and information about the lifestyle and shared journey of this hugely prolific musician doing what he loved best : playing for the world.