A Worldwide Sales Company to exploit the productions of Emperor Media.

CARDINAL RELEASING Ltd. was established to control the Worldwide Sales of the productions of sister company Emperor Media. Ltd, such as BB King – The Life of Riley, The Classic Artists Series 8 Episodes, The Loved One – Michael Hutchence, All Apologies – Kurt Cobain, Mix of Nations (TV Series) Nat King Cole – Afraid of the Dark, The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story of Guns N’ Roses, Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story and the sequel to B.B. King: The Life of Riley – B.B. King: On the Road. Currently in production on the Father of Rock N’ Roll, CHUCK BERRY.

Cardinal Releasing is a fully-fledged sales concern that represents one of the finest music-oriented film catalogues in the industry. Cardinal Releasing not only are highly regarded specialists in their field but are one of the few remaining independents in the UK to sustain.

Cardinal Releasing is based in the Cotswolds and conducts its business worldwide. Specialising in export for broadcast markets, DVD, and all forms of digital distribution. ‘Cardinal’ enjoys strong and continuing relationships with majors such as Universal Music International, BBC, SKY, SBS, HBO and ABC networks.

Jon Brewer:

Director / Producer

Jon Brewer is the Producer/Director of the much-lauded feature documentary, “BB KING: The Life of Riley,” the biopic feature on Nat King Cole ‘Afraid of the Dark’, commissioned by the Cole family estate both featuring on BBC in the UK, as well as the more recently publicized Chuck! The Documentary (working title).

Beginning his career in music management, Brewer quickly rose to the top of his profession, aligning himself with up-and-coming artists such as David Bowie/Gem Productions, Gene Clarke of the Byrds, Rolling Stones members Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman and Alvin Lee and 10 Years After.

Jon Brewer was awarded the much-coveted Ivor Novello Award for “Best Publisher” and another for “Best Song” in 1979 for Gerry Rafferty’s timeless hit “Baker Street” and another for the album “City to City”, which seized the number 1 position in the Billboard charts and also topped the charts in the UK and Europe.

He was responsible for the re-formation of the band “Yes” with Chris Squire, Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Alan White, and Rick Wakeman – well known for their on-going acrimonious relationship with each other. ‘Yes’ went on to record the “Keys to Ascension” project with Brewer at the helm.

Brewer kicked off his Directing career in 2001 at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival featuring over 50 cameras on several stages where EMINEM, OASIS, Neil YOUNG, ALANIS MORISSETE and others played over three days. He followed this with a Series on Sky ONE, “MIX OF NATIONS” 13 Episodes x 2.

Deciding to utilise his multitude of personal alliances in the Rock N Roll arena, he launched in 2005 “The CLASSIC ARTISTS Series followed by “Jimi Hendrix – The Guitar Hero”, Rock Poet’ and ‘Legends of the Canyon’.  Jon also directed a 14 Camera shoot at The Royal Albert Hall of the BB King 2011 final UK performance, and was responsible for bringing to the show Ronnie Wood, Slash, Mick Hucknell, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi.

For over 30 years, he has continued to play a pivotal role in the careers of some of rock’s most legendary artists. With a continuing participation in artists’ management, and the worldwide acclaim of BB KING ‘The Life of Riley’ ‘Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark’, “The Classic Artists Series”, as well as various other spin-offs relating to Rock Music’s legends and their management, Jon Brewer has created a niche in the industry which continues to flourish.

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Laura Royko, co-founder of Cardinal Releasing Ltd. came to the industry as a scriptwriter (Kings College) and moved into film sales with IMPACT Film Sales, regularly attending all Media markets and forging relationships worldwide, as well as supporting the development of new projects (Ultra Guardians, All Apologies: Kurt Cobain, The Loved One: The Michael Hutchence Story). 

She now works alongside the production department in development and provides written work for production as well as business affairs aspects of day to day studio/production business.